Amy Sheppard shares Instagram vs Reality photo: ‘Nothing has be perfect’

Amy Sheppard is continuing to keep things real on Instagram.

In a world with curated and desirable social media feeds, the singer is reminding us that “nothing has to be excellent.”

On Saturday August 24, the 28-year-old — who is frontwoman for the Australian band Sheppard — shared a side-by-side shot which shows her in her underwear whereas standing in front of the mirror to point out the type of photograph individuals would possibly share on Instagram compared to what they really look like.

In the photograph on the left, Sheppard is sucking in her stomach and pouting. In the photograph on the right, Sheppard is smiling and standing naturally.

“Got to like those mirror selfies. I really like sharing these ‘IG vs Reality’ shots as it really puts things into perspective — not just for all of you guys however additionally for myself,” the singer and body positivity campaigner captioned the post on Instagram. “It’s simple to start to check yourself to all of the perfect bodies on Instagram however keep your chin up because nothing is ideal and nothing should be perfect.”

After creating a movement referred to as Kiss My Fat Ass earlier this year, Sheppard has continued to share her unfiltered and unedited photos in a bid to encourage young social media users to like and accept their bodies as they’re.

Last month she opened up concerning the movement in an interview with 9Honey Celebrity.

“Kiss My Fat Ass has modified my life,” Sheppard told us. “I didn’t set out to begin a movement however with one post; I realized how much individuals are craving somebody they can relate to. Nobody has a perfect body and no one should feel like they need to have an ideal body.

“By posting all of my perceived ‘flaws’, I was able to connect with alternative ladies who were feeling the same way concerning their bodies. I’ve learnt to simply accept parts of my body which I never thought I might and i am growing to like them. Of course, I still have my negative moments however I no longer let these moments drag on for days.”