Kinsey Wolanski Instagram account removed after her Champions League finals interference.

Kinsey Wolanski gained 2 million followers after her publicity stunt during the Liverpool v Tottenham cup final.

The Champions League final pitch intruder who caused a storm after disrupting the game in a skimpy bikini has had her Instagram account removed.

Kinsey Wolanski gained 2 million followers after her publicity stunt during the Liverpool v Tottenham cup final.

Play had to be momentarily halted in the first half after the scantily-clad blonde bombshell jumped over the advertising hoardings and sprinted across the Wanda Metropolitano pitch in Madrid.
Wolanski was promoting her boyfriend’s X-rated porn and prank group, Vitaly uncensored – the name of which was broadcast to millions on her bikini.

The Russian swimwear model was hauled off by stewards and held by security – however later seemed to have been freed after breaking her silence on social media.

She wrote: “Life is for living, do crazy things that you can remember forever,” accompanied with a video of her pitch invasion recorded from the stands and footage of her being dragged away by stewards behind the scenes.

Her already whopping 300,000 followers shortly rocketed to 2.3million within a few hours – however it currently seems the account has been shut down.

A number of fake accounts, claiming to be the model’s official page, have also been set up – racking up thousands of followers.
It is unclear whether or not she has deactivated the account – which is under the username ‘kinsey_sue’ – herself, or whether Instagram have suspended the account.

In the area where her photos have previously been embedded onto news sites, a message from Instagram seems reading: “This photo or video has been removed from Instagram.”

That message appears to suggest that she wasn’t behind the removal of her account.

Wolanski’s antics have proven valuable for Vitaly uncensored, as it was estimated that the act will earn the brand around £3.5million in advertising revenue going forward.

She was praised by boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a famous YouTube prankster who magnificently disrupted the 2014 World Cup Final, as he vowed to marry her in the aftermath of the incident.

Liverpool were already 1-0 up at the time of Wolanski’s interference early in the first half, and they ran out 2-0 winners after substitute Divock Origi sealed a sixth European triumph with his late left-footed drive into the bottom corner.