Social media Instagram marketing

Social media is a huge component to any marketing strategy. In other words you need social media in order for your business to survive in today’s digital world. If you’re struggling with how to promote your Instagram page then social media Instagram marketing on will be a good help for you.

Instagram is primarily an image sharing social network, although they are also entering the video sharing space. The average age of Instagram users is starting to expand. 59% of users are between the ages of 18 and 29, followed by 33% of users being ages 30-49.

While there are more females on the site, the discrepancy isn’t much (38% of users identified as female and 26% identified as male). With over 500 million active users a day, there is an average of 100 million photos and videos shared daily.

With that many daily users, it’s no wonder that advertising is quickly gaining strength on the social network. There are approximately over 25 million business profiles, which is 10 million more than in July 2017. The number of advertisers has doubled since last year with 2 million monthly advertisers on the network. It’s expected that 70.7% of U.S. companies will use Instagram to market their businesses in 2019.

Plus, 80% of users say they follow a business account. That means that on a platform where people are highly engaged and are actively following businesses, there’s a lot of opportunities to connect to your customer base and audience.

Businesses looking to advertise their brand on Instagram should keep in mind that engagement comes from featuring images and videos that entice Instagram users to like and comment. To have success on Instagram, it’s key that your photos and videos are good quality and represent your brand. And you can use to increase engagement with those photos and videos that you post in order to assist your brand advertising on Instagram. Our social media Instagram marketing will ensure your success. We guarantee the best quality service for you.

Instagram is a valuable social media platform for marketing and it’s important for any business to use it in order to reach success and popularity for your brand or service. It might look like the competition level is too high for you to join in, but it’s a wrong way to look at it. On Instagram everyone can find themselves a following of loyal customers. You only have to try. And if you have tried but you can’t get what you want then social media Instagram marketing on will help you to stand up again and continue to walk in the world of Instagram. We offer you the best ways of increasing engagement with your content and this will surely be beneficial for you.

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